Event Enhancements

  • Intelligent Controlled Lighting

    Intelligent Controlled Lighting

    With intelligent control lighting, we are able to adjust the patterns, speed, brightness, colors, and more to complement the mood and music of the moment. This is our most frequented event enhancement.

  • Ambient LED Uplighting

    Ambient LED Uplighting

    Up lighting is one of the most commonly asked for lighting techniques. Up lighting can completely transform a space and personalize it to your wedding colors, flowers, centerpieces, or even your bridesmaids’ dresses. The use of Up lighting can also accent any really awesome architecture at your venue. Up lighting can change the mood with different colors and textures by creating depth and drama. It can transform a simple room into a wonderland of color.

  • Controlled Lasers

    Controlled Lasers

    Don't worry, these aren't the kind of the lasers you see in the movies! Our lasers are some of the most up-to-date pieces of lighting equipment we offer here at Luminique; if you are trying to turn your celebration into a PARTY, you're looking at the right package...

  • LED Screens

    LED Screens

    If you booked Music Videos or a Memories Montage, don't you want your guests to see both event enhancements crystal clear? Our LED screens are Top-Of-The-Line, State of the Art TVs that display anything you desire with cutting-edge quality.

  • Lounge Furniture

    Lounge Furniture

    Transform an ordinary room into an extraordinary room with luxury lounge furniture, a boutique event enhancement. Luminique doesn’t just want your guests to be comfortable; we want to leave them remembering the change in ambiance brought about by our available lounge furniture. Enhance the décor and appeal of your event by combining up lighting techniques with lounge furniture to personalize your party. Color options are endless. Choosing to add lounge furniture not only enhances the seating in your venue but it also adds a unique effect to your event. We have furniture for every style. From jazzy and contemporary to elegant and classic, the team at Luminique can help you create the perfect atmosphere with the ideal mix of seating and lighting.

  • Step & Repeat

    Step & Repeat

    Your party is a big deal; you know it, we know it, but sometimes we have to remind your guests that it is! Step & Repeats are an event enhancement that can help bring the Red Carpet right to YOUR event! We can completely and entirely personalize your Step & Repeat for any size or graphic you desire!

  • Monogram Projection

    Monogram Projection

    When else will you be able to see your name in lights, other than your wedding, or at a party just for you? This event enhancement can use monogram projection to illuminate your initials, name, company name, or whatever you could want on a wall or dance floor or ceiling. Your event is to celebrate you, and with this subtle yet striking effect, no one will forget it.

  • Dancing on the Clouds

    Dancing on the Clouds

    Exactly what any spotlight dance or Grand Entrance needs! Using a dry ice machine, we turn your dance floor into a layer of clouds just like you’ve seen in the movies! If you’re looking for something to make your celebration different, this could be it...

  • Snow Machines

    Snow Machines

    You don’t need a hat or gloves; and yes, it even happens in the summertime! Perfect for that winter or seasonal theme, our event enhancement Snow Machine is definitely the right way to make your guests look up and say, “Let it snow...``