Event Videography

Event Videography is one of the closest methods of reliving one of the greatest days of your life!


You have spent countless hours, months, perhaps even YEARS planning YOUR Once In a Lifetime Event (i.e. YOUR WEDDING) . The day is finally here…blink your eyes…7 hours later (give or take); it’s over!


First of all, at Luminique Events Group, we understand the special event you’ve been planning could fly by in the blink of an eye. We will have clients, brides & grooms become so overwhelmed with excitement and disbelief that “THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!” that the day will literally disappear as quickly as they said “I Do”, and they are already off to their honeymoon…


We want to assure that this does not happen with you at your Wedding, which is why we, along with many of the other terrific vendors in North Jersey, suggest Event Videography.


This is your service. As a result, you can choose what you would like to have done exactly. You only want to video the Introductions? Got it. The Ceremony? You won’t even know we are there. Just Dance Floor Madness? Our specialty.


In addition, If you want your video in digital we can do that for you.

Furthermore, If you want a hardcopy DVD or Blu-Ray of your event we can do that for you.


Finally, Once everything is captured the video will be brought back to our Luminique Events Group Secret Laboratory in North Jersey. Here, the video will undergo editing and precise final touches. Then the final product will be crafted:



*4K is available upon request