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Luminique Events Group with Northeast Orthopedics

Northeast Orthopedics Holiday Party

Luminique Events Group returns to The Regency Ballroom in Nanuet, NY for the Holiday Party thrown by Northeast Orthopedics

If you follow us, you are bound to know that Luminique Events Group & The Regency Ballroom are best friends and are considered a DREAM TEAM! If you have ever been to a party with us, then you know that for a fact. Still don’t believe us? Just go out and ask Northeast Orthopedics!!!

Johnny & myself have done the Holiday Party for Northeast Orthopedics a couple times now, and we must admit that they know how to party. Would it be embarrassing to say that the doctors made us patients after the party was done…?

In other words, these people know how to party. And they DESERVE IT! Let’s be honest, is there anything better than CELEBRATING an accomplishment? There is a very thick line between “partying” and “celebrating”. To us, partying is just another day. Celebrating, however, is a true gift and should be encouraged! If more of us valued our accomplishments, and learned to celebrate them, I am sure the world would be a much different place.

Northeast Orthopedics & Sport’s Medicine represents a huge merger between many different agencies in the North East region. It has been a huge event, according to the executives. A merger, from what we know, can be difficult and does not always assure success, especially in a field as expansive as this one.

but similar to Luminique Events Group, Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine came out ON TOP!

And we could not be more honored to help them celebrate these accomplishments! In life, it is important to surround yourself with people who drive you forward, and inspire you. People that help bring out the better in you. This conglomerate that we have had the pleasure of working with, has done just that!!!

Congratulations, once again, Northeast Orthopedics! And Happy Holidays!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you all again!

Luminique Events Group with Northeast Orthopedics

Luminique Events Group with Northeast Orthopedics

Words can sometimes be deceiving…so check out this video instead 🙂

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Luminique Events Group Wedding

Engagement Season is upon us!

Engagement Season

The Prelude to Wedding Season

Will she (or he) say “I DO”…?

Have no fear our fair proposers who have just entered this Engagement Season…Luminique Events Group has been doing Weddings of all kinds for quite sometime now, and we have heard all kinds of crazy Proposing stories (trust me, crazy…). And we @ Luminique Events Group want to expand our story-telling with all of YOUR awesome Proposals 🙂

This Article  is a fantastic photo-guide to some out-of-the-box maneuvers to asking the Love of your Life the fateful question (paraphrased here):

“will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

Before proposing, you must all realize that is really the question you are asking. Not “will you share your house with me?” Not “will you pay my bills?” Not “will you let me hangout with your dad all the time?”

“will you make me a winner this Engagement Season?”

Once your partner says “YES” (not assuming; Luminique Events Group just has faith in you!!!), you know who to call to get your party started right…


We will be waiting by our phones to hear all the awesome success stories from all of our awesome Happy Couples!

Post-Holiday time begins to slow down (not complaining) for all the wondrous vendors and venues. It gives us all time to do our push-ups and sit-ups and conditioning exercises for the WEDDING SEASON (cue epic Lord of The Rings Movie Soundtrack).

So, while all of our lovely couples are celebrating their new engagements, WE will be here innovating and creating for YOUR special day!

Work hard, this Engagement Season, and rest well; because Luminique Events Group promises YOU will need YOUR energy for this upcoming Wedding Season…


@luminiqueeventsgroup #luminiqueeventsgroup @luminiqueevents

Engagement Season with Luminique Events Group


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Luminique keep-calm-because-today-is-my-sweet-sixteen

Karli’s Sweet Sixteen at The Cupsaw Clubhouse

Karli’s Sweet Sixteen at the Cupsaw Clubhouse was a night to remember,

and here’s why…

Doug Ruccione & Johnny Bobev of Luminique Events Group say it doesn’t matter WHERE you’re AT, but WHO you are there WITH, and Karli’s Sweet Sixteen at the Cupsaw Clubhouse shows you why…!

and that is the truth

Don’t get us wrong; an extravagant fairytale event is one way, but what if you are just trying to dance and celebrate for a few hours…? Karli’s Sweet Sixteen at the Cupsaw Clubhouse showed us exactly what to do; get a local hall, let your friends know, and get the right entertainment 😉

Instead of the standard 4 hour reception that we normally cater too @ Luminique Events Group, Karli’s Sweet Sixteen at the Cupsaw Clubhouse was a 5 hour reception! Packed with traditions, home-made food, and of course a Luminique Events Group PACKED DANCEFLOOR…

Such an awesome family and radical group of friends; you know you are somewhere special with someone special when EVERYONE is smiling and having a good time!

we live in such a crazy time, so we need to cherish the good times we come across

Karli’s Sweet Sixteen at the Cupsaw Clubhouse was a no doubt celebration for the books. One of the guests came up to Johnny & I afterwards as we were breaking down the set up and asked us…

” who had the bright idea of a party only being a few hours?! “

Make sure you peep the recap right below VVVV go subscribe on our Youtube Channel to stay up-to-date on all of our awesome parties and check out our other Social Media Outlets @luminiqueeventsgroup ! See you at the next legendary Sweet Sixteen…

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Luminique Events Group | Ramapo Spring Valley High School

Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975


Wow! Can you say “WEEKEND WARRIORS”?!

Doug Ruccione & Johnny Bobev of Luminique Events Group are @ IT AGAIN!

Feat. Our Friends from Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 !

We had a blast at The Regency Ballroom of DoubleTree Nanuet in Nanuet, NY with the Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975!

This Class Council of Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 worked so hard for so long to put together an unforgettable weekend for their classmates. They wanted to ring in a Forty Year Reunion the right way; and that is exactly what they did!

The Class Council of Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 did not have us for just one night, but TWO nights! Yep…TWO!

The first night, a Friday, The Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 was just hanging out; checking in to the hotel, mingling with people they haven’t seen in quite sometime. There was no official dancefloor; everyone was just taking it easy, eating, and drinking. We were on the scene of course playing some tunes from the Golden Age of Music, AKA the 70’s. As I previously mentioned, there was no “official” dancefloor.

But for those of you who know Luminique Events Group, you know that means absolutely nothing.

We had people pulling tables & chairs aside to dance near our booth; while the rest of the evening was packed with laughs, food, drink, and good times…

Don’t forget; The Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 had Luminique Events Group for how many nights?

The Second night began, a Saturday, began at about 6pm and was supposed to go until about a midnight. The Regency Ballroom was packed with a little over 250 people that night; AND Luminique Events Group didn’t come to just rock the house, BUT also document this memorable night with our one-of-a-kind Photobooth (check out our photobooth section of the website 🙂 ). The photobooth was a HIT! I think the final count of pictures we had that night was about 450…that is almost 2x the entire party… O_o

Can you say “PACKED DANCEFLOOR”?! I hope so, cause that was what we had going all night! People we’re partying like it was…1975! We had a few lovely ladies take our microphone and start singing for us too! (Swear I thought I saw Stevie Nicks…) Honestly? There were a couple times we had to go on out there and bust a move real quick…

When I say we played everything, I mean we played everything. 60’s all the way through Adele’s “Hello”. Talk about covering some serious ground…

We ate, we drank, we laughed, we danced, we sung, but most importantly…

WE. MADE. memories.

The classic saying goes “with every meeting, comes a parting…”
Luminique Events Group says “with every meeting, comes a parting…until the next crazy, special, unique, PARTY!”

Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 –

It has been a pleasure & an honor to party with such a happy group of people!

Luminique Events Group will see you @ the NEXT Reunion, on the dancefloor…


check out the Pictures from this party!


Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 with Luminique Events Group

Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 with Luminique Events Group

Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 with Luminique Events Group

Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975 with Luminique Events Group

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Janae’s Sweet Sixteen at The Smoke Rise Village Inn

Doug Ruccione & Johnny Bobev team up with the legendary staff headed by Kim at the Smoke Rise Village Inn, once again! This time; for Janae’s Sweet Sixteen!

It was a chilly, fall night in Kinnelon, NJ at the Smoke Rise Village Inn, as friends & family alike came to celebrate Janae’s Sweet Sixteen together. As John & myself like to put it: “partying for a purpose”.

Not only did the Sweet Sixteen desire our deluxe lights, but also uplighting to go around the room. We had a few of our wash lights based around the room, displaying the same color as the theme of Janae’s Sweet Sixteen: BLUE.

Talk about atmospheric ambiance.

There were a lot of familiar faces at The Smoke Rise Village Inn this past Saturday evening; so Johnny & myself kinda sorta knew what we were in for…A CRAZY TIME! Of course, there were the formalities: a beautiful father/daughter dance, sing Happy Birthday, and EATING!

@ The Smoke Rise Village Inn; food is a virtue. These guys are no joke; between appetizers, entrees, desserts…they got you COVERED! Next time you’re over @ The Smoke Rise Village Inn, tell Kim Doug & John say “hello” 🙂

We ate, we drank, we sung, laughed, and danced, but with every meeting comes a PARTY, then a parting…

Janae & family & friends, it was a HONOR and PLEASURE providing the soundtrack for this milestone!

There will be only oneJanae’s Sweet Sixteen

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Genevieve Rose’s Christening at The Tides Estate

Can you scream ” Sunday Funday ” ?!

Doug Ruccione & Johnny Bobev collaborate with the famous Tides Estate in North Haledon, New Jersey to create a memorable evening for Genevieve Rose’s Christening!

Beautiful location, beautiful family, beautiful day…all ingredients to a beautiful party.

Instead of the standard 4 hour reception that we normally cater too, this Sunday was a one hour cocktail hour and a 3 hour reception; this left just enough time for the divine balance between eating, drinking, game-playing, and dancing…

I mean, if you have ever been to the Tides Estate, you know right away you are already going to have a memorable time; this place is no joke. They know events like you know how to save battery on your iPhone.

you havent been to a Tri-State formal until you’ve been too The Tides…

The guests were warmed up perfectly in cocktail hour before the reception of Genevieve Rose’s Christening. Then it was our turn!

We played countless classic games with the kids, the “Mummy Wrap” being my favorite 😉

I knew this family personally, so I must say that it was truly a privilege to celebrate such an important event in their lives.

The best way to sum up Genevieve Rose’s Christening: Another memorable night Johnny & myself had the honor to be part of.

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Luminique Events Group Holiday Party

Luminique Events Group wishing you “Happy Holidays”

Have no fear, Luminique Events Group has everything you need for your Holiday Party this year

Holiday Party with Luminique Events Group

Holiday Party with Luminique Events Group

Luminique Events Group wants to throw a Holiday Party with YOU this season!

Thinking about throwing a Holiday Party this year? For your company or office? For the soon-to-be Happy Couple? For yourselves??? PERFECT

Because Luminique Events Group is here for the Holidays and is ready to help you throw the best Holiday Party yet

Let’s face it: we all LOVE the holidays! Big jackets, parties, fires, food, egg nog, parties, presents, family & friends…PARTIES!

There is no better way of closing out a year or welcoming a New Year together with people you want to be with! We have been grinding, we have been slaving, we have been working ALL. YEAR. It is time to let your hair down, take that tie off, and enjoy this weather the best way Luminique Events Group knows how too…with MUSIC & FUN! Your Holiday Party should be, what we call in the business, “Crashable”. In other words,

everyone will want to go

Luminique Events Group is giving all of our terrific clients a great gift this year:

If you have a party anywhere between November – January & you book with Luminique Events Group,

you will receive 10% off any package, customized or not!

Feel free to mention Luminique Events Group to our buddies over @ Il Palazzo ! They have plenty of awesome Holiday deals going on right now! Just make sure you tell them their family over at Luminique Events Group says hello 🙂

Whether you need invitations, lights, props, music, pictures, video…Luminique Events Group will have you covered this season! & believe us, we CANT WAIT to end the fantastic year of 2015 TOGETHER!

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New York Fashion Week x Luminique Events Group x Luxury Ride USA

New York Fashion Week

& Luminique Events Group (& our one-of-a-kind PHOTOBOOTH) this year with Luxury Ride USA & GBK Productions!

Where were YOU?!


New York Fashion Week representatives used Luxury Ride USA for much of the transportation for the New York Fashion Week expos; driving many celebrities and renowned fashion designers.

We also had a spot set up at one of the numerous expos within the city last week.

Teamed up GBK Productions, a very prestigious event production company, the days went very smoothly and organized, and a lot of fun! GBK Productions works with many celebrities and high end clients. So of course, these guys had it covered! They had photographers/videographers walking around all day documenting the entire ordeal. Gavin, the go-to guy of GBK Productions , was the man! Usually when you’re dealing with these event planning companies, the head people are always very uptight and almost forget what they’re doing: PARTYING with a PURPOSE! Gavin understands what New York Fashion Week is and what New York Fashion Week Represents. True to GBK Productions, they represented New York Fashion Week as it should be! Gavin has a firm grasp on what this industry is and knows precisely how to present his product. I strongly suggest reaching out to GBK if you’re looking for a good time…and ONLY for a good time! 😉

Johnny Bobev & Doug Ruccione were on the mission with a beautiful Step-And-Repeat and our Photobooth. Any of you who know Johnny & Doug know that they helped “loosen” up all the ties and such that were attending this specific expo. Luminique Events Group aspires to return to New York Fashion Week. It was an awesome experience to play a part in such a widespread movement! We had lots of celebrities take some pics with us and get their pictures printed! It was a crazy few days, but we had a blast and were grateful to meet so many cool people!

Luxury Ride USA x Luminique Events Group is looking forward to hearing from all the awesome guests we met last week!

“Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” – Hunter S. Thompson

Luminique Photobooth | Step-And-Repeat | New York Fashion Week

Luminique Photobooth | Step-And-Repeat | New York Fashion Week

(Left to Right) J-Z, David Tash, Doug Ruccione: New York Fashion Week

(Left to Right) J-Z, David Tash, Doug Ruccione

Doug Ruccione & Johnny Bobev: New York Fashion Week

Doug Ruccione & Johnny Bobev

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