20 passenger - Cadillac Escalade Jet Door Limo

Original Limousine on the outside; luxury on the inside.

Comfortable and Premium for the Very Important 20 exclusive guests. This limousine is perfect & quick for anyone trying to get too a good time and leave from A good time. The inside of the limousine being roomy and modern makes you feel like you’re already at the club before being “at the club”. Fully equipped with a jet door for easy VIP access, Flat Screen TVs, DVD/CD player with surround sound & an iPod connection; in other words: fully equipped with everything you and your guests will need to get in the mood before and after the party.

20 passenger - H2 Hummer Jet Door

If you’re looking for a powerful chariot and want to show people “I came here to party”, this is the limousine for you.

Enter through the Jet Door To a party before even getting to the party. Flat Screen TVs with a DVD/CD AND iPod hookup, perfect to get the VIPs amped up and going. We got you covered on drinks with the Wet Bar. Also equipped with everything you need to warm up on a dancefloor, between the neon floor lights and disco flooring. Also, to make you feel right at home, there is a fireplace as well. Your limousine/Party Chariot awaits!

24 passenger - Galaxy White H2 Hummer with Butterfly & Jet Doors

If you’re trying to celebrate all The way to the moon, the Galaxy H2 Limousine will take you there!

Board the Starship through the Butterfly/Jet Doors, and either relax or turn up the volume with the Flat Screen setup including CD/DVD/iPod hookups. While bumping Your favorite music, accompany the dancing with the Disco Lightshow. Look up, and you’ll see the ceiling lighting up for your party as Well. In the very back of the steed, there is a private room with a dancing pole. Good thing you can’t go to that space if you’re below the age of 18. Take off in this limousine for your next event here in North Jersey!

20 passenger - Exotic Pink H2 Hummer

This is what we call “the Headturner” Limousine.

Nothing says “let the good times roll” than a Hot Pink Stretch Limo. Equipped with Flat Screens and a CD/DVD/iPod hookup, this limo will house any pre/after party perfectly. Between the Neon Lights everywhere and the Wet Bar, how could you not have a good time? This particular limousine is a favorite of Luminique Events Group. If you’re trying to make people at the party say, “wow, I wish I came to my Wedding in THAT!”, you’re looking at the right limousine…

24 passenger - Exotic Party Bus

The Classic Party Bus Limousine

Yet still groundbreaking and appealing to anyone who likes to have FUN! Get the party started with the Flat Screen hookup including a CD/DVD/iPod player. Then, move over to the wet bar to loosen up a bit; after that, start breaking it down as you are driven to your Wedding. Neon lights, along with fiber-optic lighting, will be the cherry on top; completing the ambient scene that you will soon be joining. If you’re trying to let everyone know “The Boss has arrived”, you’re looking at the stallion!