North Jersey Party Invitations | Luminique Events Group

Party Invitations are an attractive, physical notice that a guest will receive letting them know where the party is at.


A Thank-You card is an attractive, gracious notice that a guest will receive thanking them for coming.


Luminique Events Group is here to help you every step of the way of your party planning, and this is a great way to tie things together. Some people do not find  Party Invitations necessary, which it is not. However, Party Invitations are a very creative and personal way of letting your guests know that the event you are hosting is not just a “party”, but a milestone celebration. Party Invitations is perfect for Weddings, Sweet Sixteens, Formals, or anything else you want your guests to feel special for.

Here in North Jersey at Luminique Events Group, we understand that your event is a BIG deal! So naturally, you have to get the word out! Our tools and innovation combined with your ideas and visions creates nothing but  beautiful, crisp Party Invitations to your event.

Just as we can tell people where to be & when; we can also tell people “Thanks for coming out!”; in any possible manner you desire.


Luminique will impress and accomplish your desire to invite & thank your guests.


We can provide you with many different qualities and material to print your thoughts upon. Your Party Invitations should be personal and dealt with precision.

If you are curious and need some ideas, feel free to ask us to see some past examples to hopefully spark some ideas – Remember, we are here for you.

The samples to feel and look at are free for your eyes. When you are ready to test different materials and appearances, give us a call (973.850.9369) and then let the Arts & Crafts begin!