Engagement Season is upon us!

Engagement Season

The Prelude to Wedding Season

Will she (or he) say “I DO”…?

Have no fear our fair proposers who have just entered this Engagement Season…Luminique Events Group has been doing Weddings of all kinds for quite sometime now, and we have heard all kinds of crazy Proposing stories (trust me, crazy…). And we @ Luminique Events Group want to expand our story-telling with all of YOUR awesome Proposals 🙂

This Article  is a fantastic photo-guide to some out-of-the-box maneuvers to asking the Love of your Life the fateful question (paraphrased here):

“will you spend the rest of your life with me?”

Before proposing, you must all realize that is really the question you are asking. Not “will you share your house with me?” Not “will you pay my bills?” Not “will you let me hangout with your dad all the time?”

“will you make me a winner this Engagement Season?”

Once your partner says “YES” (not assuming; Luminique Events Group just has faith in you!!!), you know who to call to get your party started right…


We will be waiting by our phones to hear all the awesome success stories from all of our awesome Happy Couples!

Post-Holiday time begins to slow down (not complaining) for all the wondrous vendors and venues. It gives us all time to do our push-ups and sit-ups and conditioning exercises for the WEDDING SEASON (cue epic Lord of The Rings Movie Soundtrack).

So, while all of our lovely couples are celebrating their new engagements, WE will be here innovating and creating for YOUR special day!

Work hard, this Engagement Season, and rest well; because Luminique Events Group promises YOU will need YOUR energy for this upcoming Wedding Season…


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