Northeast Orthopedics Holiday Party

Luminique Events Group returns to The Regency Ballroom in Nanuet, NY for the Holiday Party thrown by Northeast Orthopedics

If you follow us, you are bound to know that Luminique Events Group & The Regency Ballroom are best friends and are considered a DREAM TEAM! If you have ever been to a party with us, then you know that for a fact. Still don’t believe us? Just go out and ask Northeast Orthopedics!!!

Johnny & myself have done the Holiday Party for Northeast Orthopedics a couple times now, and we must admit that they know how to party. Would it be embarrassing to say that the doctors made us patients after the party was done…?

In other words, these people know how to party. And they DESERVE IT! Let’s be honest, is there anything better than CELEBRATING an accomplishment? There is a very thick line between “partying” and “celebrating”. To us, partying is just another day. Celebrating, however, is a true gift and should be encouraged! If more of us valued our accomplishments, and learned to celebrate them, I am sure the world would be a much different place.

Northeast Orthopedics & Sport’s Medicine represents a huge merger between many different agencies in the North East region. It has been a huge event, according to the executives. A merger, from what we know, can be difficult and does not always assure success, especially in a field as expansive as this one.

but similar to Luminique Events Group, Northeast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine came out ON TOP!

And we could not be more honored to help them celebrate these accomplishments! In life, it is important to surround yourself with people who drive you forward, and inspire you. People that help bring out the better in you. This conglomerate that we have had the pleasure of working with, has done just that!!!

Congratulations, once again, Northeast Orthopedics! And Happy Holidays!

We can’t wait to celebrate with you all again!

Luminique Events Group with Northeast Orthopedics

Luminique Events Group with Northeast Orthopedics

Words can sometimes be deceiving…so check out this video instead 🙂

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