Genevieve Rose’s Christening at The Tides Estate

Can you scream ” Sunday Funday” ?!


Johnny Bobev collaborate with the famous Tides Estate in North Haledon, New Jersey to create a memorable evening for Genevieve Rose’s Christening!

Beautiful location, beautiful family, beautiful day…all ingredients to a beautiful party.

Instead of the standard 4 hour reception that we normally cater too, this Sunday was a one hour cocktail hour and a 3 hour reception; this left just enough time for the divine balance between eating, drinking, game-playing, and dancing…

I mean, if you have ever been to the Tides Estate, you know right away you are already going to have a memorable time; this place is no joke. They know events like you know how to save battery on your iPhone.

you havent been to a Tri-State formal until you’ve been too The Tides…

The guests were warmed up perfectly in cocktail hour before the reception of Genevieve Rose’s Christening. Then it was our turn!

We played countless classic games with the kids, the “Mummy Wrap” being my favorite 😉

I knew this family personally, so I must say that it was truly a privilege to celebrate such an important event in their lives.

The best way to sum up Genevieve Rose’s Christening: Another memorable night Johnny & myself had the honor to be part of.

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