New York Fashion Week x Luminique Events Group x Luxury Ride USA


New York Fashion Week

& Luminique Events Group (& our one-of-a-kind PHOTOBOOTH) this year with Luxury Ride USA & GBK Productions!

Where were YOU?!


New York Fashion Week representatives used Luxury Ride USA for much of the transportation for the New York Fashion Week expos; driving many celebrities and renowned fashion designers.

We also had a spot set up at one of the numerous expos within the city last week.

Teamed up GBK Productions, a very prestigious event production company, the days went very smoothly and organized, and a lot of fun! GBK Productions works with many celebrities and high end clients. So of course, these guys had it covered! They had photographers/videographers walking around all day documenting the entire ordeal. Gavin, the go-to guy of GBK Productions , was the man! Usually when you’re dealing with these event planning companies, the head people are always very uptight and almost forget what they’re doing: PARTYING with a PURPOSE! Gavin understands what New York Fashion Week is and what New York Fashion Week Represents. True to GBK Productions, they represented New York Fashion Week as it should be! Gavin has a firm grasp on what this industry is and knows precisely how to present his product. I strongly suggest reaching out to GBK if you’re looking for a good time…and ONLY for a good time! 😉

Johnny Bobev & Doug Ruccione were on the mission with a beautiful Step-And-Repeat and our Photobooth. Any of you who know Johnny & Doug know that they helped “loosen” up all the ties and such that were attending this specific expo. Luminique Events Group aspires to return to New York Fashion Week. It was an awesome experience to play a part in such a widespread movement! We had lots of celebrities take some pics with us and get their pictures printed! It was a crazy few days, but we had a blast and were grateful to meet so many cool people!

Luxury Ride USA x Luminique Events Group is looking forward to hearing from all the awesome guests we met last week!

“Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” – Hunter S. Thompson

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