Aspen’s Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweet Sixteen

Aspen's Cupsaw Lake Club House Sweet Sixteen

No Sweet Sixteen Like a North Jersey Sweet Sixteen

Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweexteen


Especially if Luminique Events Group is there… with a DJ AND a Photobooth. This time we were at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweet Sixteen in Ringwood, NJ!


First things first – we must tell you about the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweet Sixteen. We do indeed know this AWESOME group of people. We have done quite a few parties for this group, so we knew exactly what we were heading too at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse…


a long, memorable evening.


And why not? The guests, family, and friends that we have met at all of these Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweet Sixteen parties are some of the nicest, and most fun people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. In our case, we had the pleasure and honor of PARTYING WITH THESE PEOPLE at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse! :0

Luminique Events Group is a group of many talents: of course, you know we blew the place out with our Sweet Sixteen DJ services at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse, but we also had our one-of-a-kind Photobooth and our handy Photographer walking around all night documenting the insanity on the dance floor (pictures AND video).

How does the saying go again?

We had the pleasure to DJ Aspen's Sweet Sixteen at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse in NJ

“pics or it didnt happen”

Well, this party definitely happened, look at all the media we have to prove it from the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweet Sixteen!

So of course, we had our Electric Grand Introductions, Delicious Dinner, a Touching Sixteen Candles ceremony, and an outrageously packed dance floor. We almost feel bad for our good friends down at Cupsaw Lake, we keep having parties at their beautiful Clubhouse – which means we are forced on the reg to BEAT UP their brand new Hardwood Flooring!

Just be sure to tell our good friend Paul (who books the parties) that his boys over here at Luminique Events Group will try to keep the Party Insanity at a reasonable minimum at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweet Sixteen…

But if you, any of you have been to our Parties… You know this is unlikely 😉

Aspen & Crew – Thank you for partying with us at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse! It is always a great time. Everyone here at LUMINIQUE EVENTS GROUP is wishing you a Happy Sweet Sixteen and nothing but good things FOR THE FUTURE!