Grand Introduction and Why We Push Our Clients Go For It


Think Back On One Of The Weddings You Have Ever Been To… Especially Here In New Jersey…


Was There A Grand Introduction, Lead By Your DJs?


A Grand Introduction is a great way to begin the celebration of your milestone. Whether it is for Weddings, a Sweet Sixteen, or any event that is in honor of someONE or someTHING.


But Wait!


Your DJs over here at Luminique Events Group have been noticing that some people are beginning to steer away from doing a Grand Introduction. Although some reasons as to why not are “acceptable”, Luminique Events Group believes in MAKING A BIG DEAL. That is what our clients deserve.


By way of example, here are Luminique Events Group’s TOP 3 Excuses as to why people don’t like doing a Grand Introduction & how we debunk them!



“We Want To Save More Time For Partying And Dancing”


Guess what: so do your DJs! And most probably your guests! We live, breath, and bleed partying. However, if you’re on the fence of doing a Grand Intro and are unsure because of this reason – remember: The Grand Introduction Should Be Part Of Your Party!

A Grand Introduction, when done correctly, is the PERFECT precursor to the party. Trust us, we would not allow a bland Introduction.


“We Don’t Want Our Party Being Like ‘Other Parties’ and We’ll skip the Grand Introduction”


our Motto, which should probably be turned into our Vision Statement: No Party is EVER the same!

Booking Luminique, your event is already going to stand out ;). We make sure that we approach each event as a new challenge – nothing is ever the same to us at Luminique. And if nothing is ever the same to us here, how could we approach an event the same way we approached an event the week before? And since we’re leading your Introduction, and we look approach each event individually…how is your Introduction going to be “like the other party”? Let that question sink for a bit.

As long as you’re not coming out to “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, you’re already out of the realm of normalcy!


“We Don’t Want The Spotlight On Us”


And we understand at Luminique that some people don’t like attention and…

HOLD UP! Dont like attention? Open your eyes, fam…


This Is Your Party!!!


You have been working hard. Day in & day out, to make this event HAPPEN! If it’s a Wedding, a Sweet Sixteen…ANYTHING that has a dedication! This event is for you. Everyone has gathered for you. So whether you like it or not, The Spotlight Is On You!And we will make sure that it is the most generous spotlight that has ever pointed in your direction 🙂

At the end of the day, it is YOUR event – and we are here for YOU. Once you’re in our hands at Luminique Events Group, our insight and talent are at YOUR disposal. Basically, we’ll do anything you want to assure you have a “Dream Come True Event”.


…but that certainly doesn’t stop us from tossing you some Suggestions 🙂


To find out more about what we do at Luminique Events Group for Weddings in New Jersey, give us a shout! Or check out our Gallerywebsite and figure out how we can make sure you have a Rad Time! Peace!


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