Sweet Sixteen Candle Lighting Ceremony in the BEGINNING or END?


A Sweet Sixteen Candle Lighting Ceremony is traditionally done towards the end of the party.


But what if it was in the Beginning?


First off, everyone can agree that a Sweet Sixteen is supposed to be the party of the birthday girl’s dreams. Especially relevant, the Candle Lighting Ceremony is there for the Sweet Sixteen to showcase how much she loves all of her guests. However she wants it done – is how it gets done!

However, today young people get very caught up in the expectations set by others and can sometimes get stuck with fear of outside of the box thinking.


Luminique Events Group tries to push every party we work with to innovate and go outside of their comfort zone! That’s the only way to assure greatness!


In addition, here at Luminique Events Group we have been partying with a lot of Sweet Sixteens who prefer to do their Candle Lighting Ceremony RIGHT AFTER the Grand Introduction in the beginning of the party!


So it kinda goes like this…


7PM – guests arrive

7:15 – Sweet Sixteen is introduced. Special Dance. Welcome Speech by Parents.

7:45 – Candelighting Ceremony

8:15 – Dinner

8:45/8:50 – Dance

9:45 – Dessert

10 – Dance till the end of theoretical party – 11 PM


We totally agree with this idea of doing the Candle Lighting Ceremony in the beginning of the evening. Here’s why – Sweet Sixteens, although traditional, really do not have as many formalities as some other formal events. Some events like Weddings and Mitzvahs require a huge overall time slot to be set aside strictly for formalities. As you see here with the proposed party model, it is possible to finish Sweet Sixteen Formalities in under an hour. This way, there is more time for talk with family and friends. Also, there will be more time for eating the delicious food.

But more importantly, this leaves much more time for dancing – which is why you hired Luminique Events Group in the first place!


Yet, we do see the downside of bulking the formalities together. Although it is possible to finish all formalities of a Sweet Sixteen, this does mean a total hour just about of your guests sitting in their seats, watching formalities! Sometimes guests can get antsy, but they will find the patience was worth it while the rest of the party goes generally undisturbed!

Of course, Luminique Events Group does not deter Sweet Sixteens from doing what they like too! We are just presenting another side of the same book!

Keeping things traditional in events like these sometimes is for a lot more than just the party. Traditions are important to maintain and Luminique agrees with that. When the Sweet Sixteen Candle Lighting Ceremony is done towards the end of the evening, as it usually is, time is still divvied up proportionately.

The majority of our Sweet Sixteens go something like this:


7 PM – guests arrive

7:30 – Sweet Sixteen is introduced. Special Dance. Welcome Speech by parents.

8 – Dinner

8:30 – Dance

9:15 – Candle Lighting Ceremony / Dessert

10:15 – Dance till the end of theoretical party – 11 PM

Check out why Luminique Events Group believes a Grand Introduction Ceremony is a great idea for many events HERE!


When the Sweet Sixteen makes her choice, Luminique Events Group will be there to assure that the vision comes to fruition! Happy planning and we will see you on the dancefloor!

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