Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen Candle Lighting Ceremony in the BEGINNING or END?

A Sweet Sixteen Candle Lighting Ceremony is traditionally done towards the end of the party.   But what if it was in the Beginning?   First off, everyone can agree...

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Grand Introduction and Why We Push Our Clients Go For It

Think Back On One Of The Weddings You Have Ever Been To... Especially Here In New Jersey...   Was There A Grand Introduction, Lead By Your DJs?   A Grand...

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Aspen's Cupsaw Lake Club House Sweet Sixteen
Aspen’s Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweet Sixteen

Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweexteen   Especially if Luminique Events Group is there... with a DJ AND a Photobooth. This time we were at the Cupsaw Lake Clubhouse Sweet Sixteen in...

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Sweet Sixteen with Jillian @ Il Palazzo

ANOTHER SWEET SIXTEEN FANTASY TURNED INTO REALITY BY LUMINIQUE EVENTS GROUP This time we were making memories with our friend Jillian! & do Jillian and her squad know how to...

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Best Entrance Song for a Sweet Sixteen

 The Best Entrance Song For A Sweet Sixteen Depends Entirely On The Sweet Sixteen...   Embark on a Musical Journey   First thing to remember is to begin by exploring...

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Karli’s Sweet Sixteen at The Cupsaw Clubhouse

Karli's Sweet Sixteen at the Cupsaw Clubhouse was a night to remember, and here's why... Johnny Bobev & Doug of Luminique Events Group say it doesn't matter WHERE you're AT,...

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Janae’s Sweet Sixteen at The Smoke Rise Village Inn

Johnny Bobev and Doug team up with the legendary staff headed by Kim at the Smoke Rise Village Inn, once again! This time; for Janae's Sweet Sixteen! It was a...

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