Janae’s Sweet Sixteen at The Smoke Rise Village Inn

Johnny Bobev and Doug team up with the legendary staff headed by Kim at the Smoke Rise Village Inn, once again! This time; for Janae’s Sweet Sixteen!

It was a chilly, fall night in Kinnelon, NJ at the Smoke Rise Village Inn, as friends & family alike came to celebrate Janae’s Sweet Sixteen together. As John & myself like to put it: “partying for a purpose”.

Not only did the Sweet Sixteen desire our deluxe lights, but also uplighting to go around the room. We had a few of our wash lights based around the room, displaying the same color as the theme of Janae’s Sweet Sixteen: BLUE.


Talk about atmospheric ambiance.


There were a lot of familiar faces at The Smoke Rise Village Inn this past Saturday evening; so Johnny & myself kinda sorta knew what we were in for…A CRAZY TIME! Of course, there were the formalities: a beautiful father/daughter dance, sing Happy Birthday, and EATING!

@ The Smoke Rise Village Inn; food is a virtue. These guys are no joke; between appetizers, entrees, desserts…they got you COVERED! Next time you’re over @ The Smoke Rise Village Inn, tell Kim Doug & John say “hello” ūüôā

We ate, we drank, we sung, laughed, and danced, but with every meeting comes a PARTY, then a parting…

Janae & family & friends, it was a HONOR and PLEASURE providing the soundtrack for this milestone!

There will be only oneJanae’s Sweet Sixteen

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