November 2018

Karli’s Sweet Sixteen at The Cupsaw Clubhouse

Karli's Sweet Sixteen at the Cupsaw Clubhouse was a night to remember, and here's why... Johnny Bobev & Doug of Luminique Events Group say it doesn't matter WHERE you're AT,...

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Ramapo Spring Valley High School Reunion Class of 1975

RAMAPO SPRING VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1975 Wow! Can you say "WEEKEND WARRIORS"?! Doug Ruccione & Johnny Bobev of Luminique Events Group are @ IT AGAIN! Feat. Our Friends...

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Janae’s Sweet Sixteen at The Smoke Rise Village Inn

Johnny Bobev and Doug team up with the legendary staff headed by Kim at the Smoke Rise Village Inn, once again! This time; for Janae's Sweet Sixteen! It was a...

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Genevieve Rose’s Christening at The Tides Estate

Can you scream " Sunday Funday" ?!   Johnny Bobev collaborate with the famous Tides Estate in North Haledon, New Jersey to create a memorable evening for Genevieve Rose's Christening! Beautiful location,...

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Luminique Events Group wishing you “Happy Holidays”

Have no fear, Luminique Events Group has everything you need for your Holiday Party this year... Luminique Events Group wants to throw a Holiday Party with YOU this season! Thinking about...

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New York Fashion Week x Luminique Events Group x Luxury Ride USA

New York Fashion Week & Luminique Events Group (& our one-of-a-kind PHOTOBOOTH) this year with Luxury Ride USA & GBK Productions! Where were YOU?!   New York Fashion Week representatives used Luxury...

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